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Can’t concentrate?

Can't concentrate? Finding it hard to concentrate?

A subscriber recently emailed asking whether meditating would help him focus at University. Below was my response:

Thank you for your email and for subscribing. 
I was studying a business degree in Melbourne when I first started meditating properly. Meditation made a big difference in my ability to concentrate and I’ll explain why.
Let’s say you sit down with your books and tell yourself you want to study for 30 minutes. 
As you sit there trying to concentrate, your mind will be drifting off thinking about topics it’s more interested in than the study. 
Of all the topics your mind drifts off to, they can either be about the past, present or future. 
Over say 60 seconds, your mind will likely be spending a lot of that 60 seconds thinking about something in the future (that you want to do) or something from the past. Not much of that 60 seconds will actually be in the present moment. 
For me, as I invested a little bit of time each day to meditate, it practiced bringing my mind back into the present moment. As time went by my mind got more used to spending time in the present moment instead of jumping off into the future or the past. 
The more comfortable my mind was being in the present moment from meditating, the more comfortable it was spending time in the present moment focussing on my study.  Over a few months, it made a huge difference. Just 5 or 10 minutes of meditating per day meant I became very focused when studying and didn’t need to allocate much time to study because I got a lot done quickly.
Imagine if you spent 45 seconds of every minute in the present moment on your study compared with 5 or 10 seconds of every minute on your study.
I promise you that if you follow the exercises in the 8 day course, in a few weeks you will notice a difference with your study. 
If you ever have any questions about any of the emails, no matter how silly the question is, please ask me and I will do my best to answer. 
Kind regards,