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Day one – timing

Before we even sit down to meditate, it’s worth noticing whether now is a good time to practice.

For example, if you’re feeling hungry, or you’ve just eaten a large meal, it could be better to wait until enough time has passed after your meal so you feel more content from this perspective. Likewise, if it’s the late evening and you’re feeling tired, sometime tomorrow may be better, when you feel more rested. If you’re not particularly hungry right now and you feel well rested, now could be a good time to meditate.

Another perspective is external sounds. It’s not critical to have absolute silence while meditating, yet if your surroundings are going to be more quiet in 20 minutes from now, it can be worth waiting until then before sitting down to meditate.

If you have a regular routine each day, there’s likely a period during your day where you could put aside a few minutes to sit down comfortably and practice.

Daily exercise:

When you’re ready, sit in a comfortable upright position on a chair or cushion on the ground.

After setting the timer for two plus minutes, close your eyes and let your thoughts and feelings do whatever they want to do until the timer ends.