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Buddha Bodhivana Monastery

Head Abbott at Bodhivana:

Ajahn Kalyano


03 5966 5999


780 Woods Point Road, East Warburton, VIC 3799


Thai Forest Tradition

Arrival Time:

10:00am 7 days per week

What to bring:

A plate of food for a shared lunch

What to expect:

An opportunity to ask questions about your meditation practice, enjoy a shared lunch and relax in a quiet natural setting.



Disclaimer: Neither this website nor this web page is an official publication of either Buddha Bodhivana Monastery or the Thai Forest Tradition. Ajahn Kalyano has given permission for one of his audio recordings to be available here on the condition that it is provided for free and that any information or resources about meditation as provided on this website or through correspondence as a result of this website are also provided for free.